“Mom Wallis”

I’m reading, “A Voice in the Wilderness,” by Grace Livingston Hill. I’m not finished with the book yet, but I wanted to stop and introduce you to Mom Wallis! Some of you may have read this book and you already know her.:)  She’s a diamond in the rough, to be sure, but she has such a childlike innocence in her. She has a sense of wonder and she appreciates everything Margaret does for her.I love this character.

I think I should back-up a little. Margaret leaves her home in the east, traveling by train to Arizona to be a school teacher. During her journey, Margaret is stranded in the wilds of Arizona and finds help in some interesting men. In the cabin of these scruffy dudes is a woman – Mom Wallis. Margaret and Mom Wallis become friends. Mom Wallis is starved for friendship.

Margaret gave Mom Wallis a lace collar as a gift. Such a simple little gift, but that gesture of giving and giving such a pretty gift touched Mom Wallis in such a tender way.

Have you read “A Voice in the Wilderness?” What did you think of this story? I’d like to hear from you.:)

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