“Thunder on the Right,” by Mary Stewart

Oh my goodness! In this mystery, suspense, romance, Mary Stewart transports the reader to a convent in the Pyrenees. Jennifer has received a letter from her cousin Gillian, informing her that she has entered this convent. Well, Mary Stewart doesn’t waste any time taking the reader into a convent shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Could there be a better setting?

A convent!

A monastery!

A ruins!

A castle!

All delicious locations for a mystery suspense novel.

I was sitting at the bakery completely absorbed in this novel as a nun runs through the gardens, black robes blowing in the breeze as she scurries in her haste to reach her destination.

A murder is planned in the darkness of night, as someone skulks nearby listening . . .

Thunder rumbles and lightening flashes . . .

book 001my awesome photography!

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