The Sidekick? The Unsung Hero/Heroine Part IV

Part IV? I need to change my numbers! I’ll be lost in a sea of Roman numerals if I continue! 🙂

Emma (2009) love the they're sharing an inside/secret joke: I love Emma’s governess. When she lived with Emma and her family she was Miss Taylor. After Emma was grown, she married and became Mrs. Weston. Emma’s governess, the lovely Mrs. Weston is my choice for the unsung hero.

Isabella and Emma lost their mother. Isabella was old enough to remember, but Emma was not. Mr. Woodhouse lost his wife. Mrs. Weston was a governess to the girls of a grieving family. This could not have been an easy situation. Mrs. Weston was nanny, governess, sister, teacher, comforter, and the list goes on, to the young girls she cared for. And then, she also had a father who was hurt and shattered. I felt that Mrs. Weston became a daughter to Mr. Woodhouse. How could I not choose Mrs. Weston for my unsung heroine?

I have not read all of Jane Austen’s books, however, Emma is my favorite at this time. The BBC did a wonderful job filming Emma. In fact, I own it. Have you read Emma? Have you seen the BBC version of Emma? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

“Emily of New Moon,” “Emily Climbs” and “Emily’s Quest,” by L. M. Montgomery

Emily series by L.M. Montgomery: Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading the “Emily” books by L. M. Montgomery. I finished today. They are delightful stories and if you enjoyed “Anne of Green Gables,” I believe you’ll enjoy “Emily” also.

Emily was orphaned at a tender age and was sent to New Moon Farm to live with Aunt Elizabeth, Cousin Jimmy and Aunt Laura. These three books are the adventures of Emily as she grows up living with relatives she didn’t really know. I should say, I think life on Prince Edward Island is very interesting.

Emily wants to be a writer and much to the consternation of her Aunt Elizabeth, Emily is continually writing on any scrap of paper she can find – poetry, journaling and creating stories from her imagination. I especially liked the “Wind Woman.” She’s a fun girl and soon becomes friends with Ilse, Teddy and Perry, and the four youngsters grow up together and share many wonderful adventures in Canada.

I don’t really have a favorite book of the three and I can’t say I have a favorite character. Although Dean and Cousin Jimmy were especially interesting to me. I also like the Priest, Emily visited in the first book. The author does such a great job writing about kids and the challenges they face growing up and the adults who watch over and care for the young people. They were well written and fun to read. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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“A Pattern of Lies,” by Charles Todd

I am happy to say, my favorite battlefield nurse, Bess Crawford is back with a difficult mystery to solve. In this World War I mystery, the Ashton gun powder mill, in Kent, exploded killing 100 men. Now, two years later, with the war raging Mr. Phillip Ashton is arrested and charged with the murder of the 100 men killed in the explosion. Bess Crawford is drawn into the case when she runs into Mark Ashton, a former patient of Bess’s, and Mr. Phillip Ashton’s son and learns of the tragedy. In the midst of local hostility, and a war in France, believing Mr. Phillips innocent, Bess is driven to solve this mystery.

This was the best Bess Crawford mystery yet! I liked it. Bess is a woman dedicated to medically serving the men who are fighting the war with a strong sense of dedication and duty. All the medical people in these stories work tirelessly to help the wounded and dying on the battle field of France. The war is described in these stories but I wouldn’t say it is graphic. There isn’t any sex in the stories and if there is profanity, I’m not seeing it.

Bess’s parents are great characters, supportive of their daughter and miss her dearly when she is in France. Simon, long time friend of the Crawford family, seems quiet to me. He is a little mysterious but he is in contact with Bess frequently and helps her in anyway he can. Sergeant Lassiter is a colorful soldier, always ready to help Bess, and all these people have connections and help Bess get the job done!

If you like a good mystery and this one is good, I’d recommend the Bess Crawford Mysteries. I did not solve this one! *****5 mysterious stars!

A Pattern of Lies - Charles Todd - Hardcover: picture from pinterest.

Classic Movie Friday!

I’m sure if you love Audrey Hepburn, you’ve seen this movie, “The Nun’s Story,” starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter Finch. I watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I liked it. However, this movie is probably not for everyone. I thought it was a fascinating story. The movie grabbed me and held my attention until the end. At times I actually talked to the movie and the characters! “ahem” The movie shows the process of becoming a nun, renewing the mind, and living a holy life according to organized religion. There is so much to discuss in this movie. I think it would be great for a group of friends to get together, watch the movie and discuss it as they watch it. I am not a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn but I thought she did a great job of acting in this movie. The ending was interesting and I have so much to say about the ending but I don’t want any spoilers.

Audrey in The Nun’s Story- I wanted to be her when I was a little girl: Audrey in The Nun’s Story- I wanted to be her when I was a little girl

A Nun Story - Audrey Hepburn.  Wonderful story depicting the struggles to renew ones mind and live a holy life as prescribed by organized religion.: A Nun Story - Audrey Hepburn.  Wonderful story depicting the struggles to renew ones mind and live a holy life as prescribed by organized from pinterest.

I took the Bethany House Quiz!

You can find the quiz at –

I know! You are sitting on the edge of your seat with eager anticipation – which character could Katie possibly be??? Drum roll please –

Gwendolyn Barnes from “Chivalrous” by Dina Sleiman!

“Though told she is nothing more than a marriage pawn, Gwen decides to take a risk and fight for her future . . .and might find true love along the way. Like her, you care deeply about justice and are protective of those you love. Although you are strong and determined, you also have a vivid imagination and are a romantic at heart.”

That quote was at the end of the quiz. 🙂

The crowd goes wild!!! The wave!!! Applause!!!

It’s a fun and easy quiz. Go take a gander.

A Visit to the Vet!

This morning, I took our dog to the vet for her yearly check-up. We have a border collie. She’s the sweetest and smartest dog in the world. “smile”  During the process of the doggie examination, for some strange reason, our vet felt the need to explain to me where Rowdy’s ear is located. 🙂 That’s right. She did.

She held Rowdy’s left ear in her hand and said, “This is Rowdy’s left ear and this is where it is located.”

My response – “ahem” I was trying very hard not to laugh. “I am so glad you explained to me where my dog’s ear is located.” Then the dam broke – so to speak – laughter erupted from the exam room! The vet, the doggie nurse and myself laughed so hard.

The vet replied, with much hilarity – “I know you were awake at night trying to figure out where Rowdy’s ear is located.”

More raucous laughter.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I will post a picture of our awesome dog – ROWDY!

Rowdy 002