Classic Movie Friday!

I had so much fun watching this movie, for the first time, a few days ago. I laughed out loud at times and it’s a pretty good murder mystery too. This week’s classic movie is-

Topper Returns (1941)

~ starring ~

Joan Blondell

Roland Young

Carol Landis

Billie Burke

and the list goes on . . .

I’ve seen Joan Blondell in several classic movies recently – I really like her! She was a good actress. I’ve only seen her in amusing and fun roles. In this movie she is very entertaining!

Miss Ann Carrington (Carol Landis) grew up in the Orient. Now, on the eve of her 21st birthday, she returns home to America. She brought her best friend, Miss Gail Richards (Joan Blondell) home with her.

Miss Carrington’s home is a big, dark, creepy mansion on the coast. Well, as the ladies and their faithful taxi driver near said mansion, a darkly clad, creepy sniper takes a shot at their vehicle, hitting the tire and causing an accident. Well! That’s a fine “how do you do!” Fortunately, the only casualty is deafness of the movie viewer, when the ladies let out an ear-splitting scream! 🙂  Upon arrival at the dark creepy mansion we are introduced to –

Creepy Butler

Creepy Housekeeper

Creepy Doctor

and – the invalid father of Miss Carrington. So, the stage is set. Under cover of darkness, a murder is committed!

Comical shenanigans’ abound throughout this movie where creepy meets comedy. There is a ghost in the movie, however, don’t concern yourself with the ghost, she’s hilarious! Enjoy!

TOPPER RETURNS (1940) with George Zucco, Carole Landis, H.B. Warner, and Joan Blondell.: pinterest.


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