“The Sands of Ethryn,” by C. S. Lakin

For some reason I am fascinated with time travel, or fictional stories with a strange time type twist in the plot.

I like the old classic movie, “The Time Machine,” and I have always enjoyed the movie, “The Lake House,” with Sandra Bullock. In “The Lake House,” a magic mailbox transports letters through time. Even “Jack” the dog somehow steps through time and is owed by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves! Good movie! And of course, in regard to time, Star Trek!

C. S.Lakin does some work with time in her “Gates of Heaven Series.” 🙂 “The Map Across Time,” is my favorite in the series.

I finished reading the 6th book yesterday. Ethryn is in a drought, a severe drought. As a result of this drought, the people of Ethryn uncover a tower buried in the sand. King Kael is knocked unconscious on his back when he touches a gemstone imbedded in the tower. A leather scroll is discovered with strange writings that must be deciphered. A small hole has formed in the sand and sand is pouring into the hole and getting bigger, but where is the sand going??? Good question.

In another time, Lael is forced into slavery, forced to build the tower uncovered in the future. Lael has a purpose a calling on his life he cannot escape.

There is a villain in the story and winged creatures. Not good! 😦

Do you enjoy fantasy? Have you read this series? I’d love to hear from you.

  • The Wolf of Tebron
  • The Map Across Time
  • The Land of Darkness
  • The Crystal Scepter
  • The Unraveling of Wentwater
  • The Sands of Ethryn


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