“The Thanksgiving House”

Great new Hallmark movie .... The Thanksgiving House:

Hallmark Movie

The Thanksgiving House


~ Starring ~

Emily Rose (Mary Ross)

Justin Bruening (Everett Mather)

Julia Jones (Victoria)

Lindsay Wagner (Abigail Mather)

Bruce Boxleitner (Parker Mather)

While I was in Illinois, I watched several Hallmark movies, The Thanksgiving House, was one of several that I watched.

When Mary Ross’s aunt passes away, Mary inherits her Aunt’s home in Plymouth. She soon discovers the house is not only a historic home, but a very special historic treasure. Naturally, problems ensue that must be worked out and I didn’t think Mary was the most likable protagonist I’ve ever met in fiction. In fact, in the beginning, I didn’t like the movie and it was because I didn’t like Mary Ross. However, I was glad I stayed with it because as the story progressed, Mary begins to soften. I enjoyed watching her change and become a pleasant person. This movie is a couple of years old now, but it was the first time I had ever seen it. It’s a festive movie for Thanksgiving and a light, clean romance. Overall, I enjoyed it.


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