“Long, Tall Christmas,” by Janet Dailey

Kylie Wayne was always the good girl growing up in Branding Iron, Texas. Kylie is now widowed with two growing children. She looses her home in San Diego and moves her family to Branding Iron, Texas – where she grew up – and the unhappy family is now living with Aunt Muriel.

Well, Shane was the bad boy in town. He was always living wild, causing trouble. He’s been working his parent’s ranch for years but has always dreamed of seeing the world on his motorcycle. Then Kylie returns to Texas.

Romances are not my favorite genre, however, I do like a good romance and when I read a romance, I prefer a romance with a cowboy. I liked Shane. He made some mistakes in his youth but he realized the error of his ways and grew up.

I liked Kylie and her son Hunter, however, I did not really like Kylie’s spoiled, cry baby daughter Amy. Oh my goodness. I realize the poor thing lost her dad, was uprooted from her home and relocated to Texas but for the love of Pete, stop blubbering and deal with it. If she didn’t get “her way” she cried like the spoiled child she was. Her mother was doing everything she could to help her daughter. And, I got so tired of reading, “It’s not fair!”

The ending of the book is good! And I did like the romance. The book would have been great if Amy had stopped whimpering.

There is some mild profanity in the story. 3 or 4 stars.

Long, Tall Christmas - New Adult Fiction: pinterest


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