Fun morsels ~ “The Fellowship of the Ring”

Good morning. My husband is taking an archeology class at college. Yesterday he had work to do for the class so I decided to watch “The Fellowship of the Ring.” Well, while I was watching the movie, I decided to read the book again. Such desire to return to Middle Earth was sparked within me and grew 🙂 So! Here I am, enjoying the fun morsels of Tolkien’s “Fellowship of the Ring.” I thought I would share some of these delicacies with you. These are facts that are in the book, that I have not thought about in awhile or I have completely forgotten. It’s been at least a year since I read, “The Fellowship.” This won’t be anything DEEEEEEEEEEEP! “Ahem.” Just fun stuff. If you have morsels you would like to share, feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you. I’m not including everything. 🙂 The following are all in the first chapter.

  • Sam Gamgee is the youngest son of Ham Gamgee. Ham was also known as the Gaffer. The Gaffer was the gardener at Bag End for forty years. He passed the job on to Sam when the Gaffer was unable to tend the garden, as a result of stiff joints and such.
  • Frodo is “more than half a Brandybuck, they say.” Mmmm. They say! I usually find it interesting when “they say.”
  • Frodo is 1st and 2nd cousin to Bilbo. This just struck me funny.  Mr. Drogo married Primula Brandybuck – ok. Primula was Bilbo’s 1st cousin on his mother’s side and Mr. Drogo was Bilbo’s 2nd cousin. It’s on page 31 in my book. 🙂 Oh my goodness!
  • Hobbits give presents to other people on their birthday! How fun is that? I might do that in March.
  • Lobelia, whom I have read and heard so much about, is married to Otho. Bilbo did not forget them when sending out party invitations. They came to the party because his invitation was so amazing and for the food!
  • The musical crackers at the party “bore the mark of Dale on them.”
  • Three Dwarfs accompanied Bilbo when he left the Shire.
  • Otho would have been Bilbo’s heir if not for Frodo!

There you have it! Oh my! And there is so much more I could share. If you’ve never read Tolkien’s amazing books, I encourage you to read them, you are in for a treat. Enjoy!


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