Classic Movie Friday!

The Cat and the Canary ~ 1939

~ starring ~

Bob Hope

Paulette Goddard

Oh that Bob Hope (Wally Campbell), he’s quite the sleuth! You gotta love Bob! So, what we have here is – murder and mystery – in a remote creepy house in Louisiana. The interesting relatives of the late, eccentric Mr. Norman come together, ten years after his death, for the reading of the will, in a comical mystery. I didn’t expect anything else from Bob Hope. 🙂 Oh yes, we have an odd housekeeper that skulks about the large home. Creeeeepy. We have a black cat and an escaped lunatic! We have flickering lights and a secret passageway. All the makins’ of a good mystery with a generous dollop of Bob Hope humor. Enjoy!

  Bob Hope & Paulette Goddard in “The Cat and the Canary” (1939). Wish I could find this movie again.: pinterest


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