“Nick of Time,” by Ted Bell.


Our border collie, Rowdy, agreed to pose holding the book, while I take a picture. That was very nice of her. 🙂 *ahem* Thank-you Rowdy.

OH MY GOODNESS! “Nick of Time,” is a great adventure story for Middle school! Junior high school! Tween! Boys! Oh yea! I liked it.

Nick is the twelve year old son of a lighthouse keeper. His dad flew a Sopwith camel during WWI. He was shot down, survived, however, he walks with a limp and the help of a sturdy cane. Nick is very proud of his father and seems to believe his dad is the poster boy for all heroes! Nick really wants to be a hero. I mean, this boy is biting at the bit to be a hero. He’s a sea worthy young fellow and can handle his sloop in the English Channel as well as any adult!

The reader is only allowed a short time to become acquainted with Nick’s mother, but I did like her. She’s a sturdy hearted woman and knows how to handle males. And then we have Kate, Nick’s little six and 3/4 year old sister. This little gal is a heroine in her own right. 🙂

Oh my goodness. I don’t want to forget Jip, Nick’s dog. He’s a good dog too. A sea-worthy dog. Anyway, Nick, Jip and Kate are unexpectedly thrust into an adventure when they discover a chest washed ashore. And what an adventure! Nick actually travels through time! That’s right. This is a time travel story! Yes! So, be prepared to read back and forth from one time period back to another. There’s nothing like a good time travel adventure! And! For your reading enjoyment, there are a few illustrations in the book.

I give this book 5***** riveting, captivating, adventurous stars!

Be prepared to enjoy words like ~ mainsail, halyard, gunwale, quarterdeck, midshipman, foremast, yardarm, ratlines,  and mizzenmast!

Have a great time reading this one!


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