Classic Movie Friday! Oops! On Saturday!

Good morning! Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone had a most blessed Christmas. 🙂 Late, on Christmas Day, it snowed, soooo, we have beautiful, untouched, white snow outside. It’s lovely. Right now there is a wind chill, but hopefully I can go for a walk in the wintry delight later today.

Today is Classic Movie Friday!

Audrey Hepburn

Gregory Peck

Roman Holiday


We have a escaped Princess and an American newspaper reporter. She is very tired of royal obligations. He wants an exclusive story. They meet and have a Roman Holiday.

pics of dresses audrey hepburn wore | Former Nike employees create 'Wildfang,' online tomboy clothing store ...

One thought on “Classic Movie Friday! Oops! On Saturday!

  1. What a charming movie! I read that this was Audrey Hepburn’s first movie. When Gregory Peck met her, he insisted she receive top billing with him, though she was an unknown. He said she was going to be a great star. The scene in the car when she is crying gave her great difficulty. She just couldn’t cry. So the director got into the car with her and yelled at her. He knew if he upset her, he could get what he needed from her. He told her she was fired if she didn’t cry. Then Gregory Peck got back into the car. Audrey cried, thinking that her wonderful adventure making a movie with Gregory Peck was about to be over. Great pick for Classic Movie Friday! I love this movie.

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