Last and First ~


Happy January 2, 2016! I am happy to say, “Greetings From the Flipside,” by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay was the last book I read in 2015! The publication date is 2013, so I am certain I am the last person to read this book. I liked it. I gave it **** four stars on goodreads. It is safe for teens, young adults and adults – anyone – who would like to read a fun book. I laughed at times and there is a sweet, tender romance. The romance is a little different, the entire story is a little different, and there is a good message in the book. Happy Reading!


Introducing the first book I am reading in 2016! “Murder in the Paperback Parlor,” by Ellery Adams! I’m not quite finished with this murder mystery, but so far, there isn’t any profanity and it’s for anyone who likes cozy mysteries. As with many cozy mysteries this is part of a series. I would recommend, if you decide to read this book, read “Murder in the Mystery Suite,” first. I think the reader will need some background that is in the first book before moving into the second book. Enjoy!



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