Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

Ok. This woman confuses me. I missed an episode of Supergirl, soooo . . .

Astra, played by Laura Benanti, is a villain and she’s Supergirl’s Aunt!

As a result of killing people on Krypton, Astra is imprisoned in a creepy, dark place. I wouldn’t want to go there. Basements are creepy to me. *ahem* Astra escapes the creepy, dark place and the destruction of Krypton. And, we are blessed with her presence on Earth. 🙂

You might ask, where is your confusion?

Thank-you for asking.

Sometimes, she seems . . . well, she seems to have potential to make nice. Time will tell.

Does anyone know the name of the creepy, dark place where Krypton sends their villains? I would love to hear from you.

Laura Benanti as the evil Astra!:


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