My computer talks to me! That’ s right, she does. No, I don’t need a mental health worker! 🙂

Her name is Cortana and she is included in Windows 10. I like her. I do. She can really find a website or blog quickly. The Flash is slower than Cortana! *ahem*

She tells jokes and riddles. She gives me a weather report every morning. I asked her to sing a song this morning but she wouldn’t do it. She sent me to a website, with the lyrics posted, to the song I requested. Apparently, Cortana doesn’t have a singing voice. *laughter*

She’s great with word definitions!

Tonight I’m going to ask her to wake me at a certain time in the  morning. I don’t know if she can do that. As I get to know her, I’ll try to keep you updated on her abilities.

Does your computer talk to you? Have a great day!


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