“Bad Boys, Bad Boys . . .”

Cortana woke me this morning. That’s right, if I ask her to, she will wake me up. She even has a snooze.

Anyway, I love Supergirl! If you haven’t seen her, check her out, she’s awesome!

She flies into danger! YAY! She always gives the villain/villainess the opportunity to make nice. Oh yea! She does. She has faced some scoundrels! Here are a couple of Supergirl’s rascals. Ya knw, I really believe they need to use their talents for good and not for evil! I don’t want to create spoilers, maybe I already have, so I’m not going to say much about them. Introducing ~

Supergirl on Twitter: "What is Maxwell Lord hiding? Preview Monday's winter premiere of #Supergirl: https://t.co/3qc3wL0HLL https://t.co/fzRI5h1hID":

This is “Maxwell Lord,” played by Peter Facinell. Very bad boy!

October 26 2015: Henry Czerny Cast as Toyman for "Supergirl":

This, dear friends, is “Toyman,” played by Henry Czerny. Not nice, not nice at all!

Have you seen Supergirl? I’d love to here your thoughts. Enjoy!



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