“At First Sight” 1999

Ok. I am probably the last person to see this movie.

Virgil Adamson, played by Val Kilmer is a blind guy. He’s also a masseuse. Is that spelled correctly??? I think he is very good at his job. During the first massage, Amy Benic played by Mia Sorvino, an architect, fell asleep while he worked on her and he also made her cry! The two become a couple and I need to say, there are clear indicators the two are doing more than holding hands. Anyway, Amy discovers a doctor who has developed a surgical procedure that can restore sight to those who are blind and urges Virgil to have the operation.

I loved this movie! I don’t know how or why I had never seen this movie until last night?!

I had never thought – there was no need to – what it would be like for a person to be blind and then recover his/her sight??? And the spiritual lessons, I thought, were clearly visible. I don’t mean to be funny.

Virgil did not know color. He had never seen light. He didn’t know what his sister really looked like. When he opened his eyes for the first time, post surgery – it would be overwhelming! The brain wouldn’t know how to process all the new incoming information. And all the emotion! And then, old habits die hard.

I was a cheerleader during this entire movie! I SO wanted this couple to work through all the everything and come through it a strong couple – together for the remainder of their lives!

Have you seen this movie? I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino in "At First Sight" (1999):




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