“Geared For the Grave,” by Duffy Brown

“A Cycle Path Mystery”

As my neighbor often said, “Never in all my born days.” 🙂

Oh! My! Goodness! This is the craziest cozy mystery I’ve read since, Gertie Johnson by Deb Baker.

Evie Bloomfield travels to Mackinac Island to help her boss’s father, Rudy, with his business. He has a broken leg. Shortly after Evie arrives, Bunny Harrington is found dead, apparently from a cycling accident. Well! It is soon discovered that a murderer is in the community, that’s right, Bunny was murdered, and Rudy is the prime #1 suspect. Evie, knows Rudy isn’t the killer and decides she has to sleuth around, find the killer, to prove Rudy’s innocence. In this small town atmosphere full of quirky characters, everyone had a motive and no one is grieving the death of Bunny.

This mystery is so crazy! I found myself chuckling all the way through the story. I mean really, we have a hit man in the story. After all! Every community needs a hit man? Right? We have instructions on how to pick a lock. Once again, we all need to learn to pick a lock? Right? There is skulking around, eccentric friends who want involved in the sleuthing, fudge fights, LOTS of paint cans! Paint cans and paint seems to be an important part of the story! Who knew??? And! Evie is driving the local law enforcement officer nuts! But, somehow it all comes together in one hilarious murder mystery. I did solve it. I was so surprised, I almost did a happy dance. There is profanity in the story. 4 crazy, eccentric, stars!



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