Murder ~ The Early Years

Murder/Suspense/Espionage has always been my favorite genre. When I was but a child, I would watch any classic mystery that was on television ~ AND ~I would devour, that’s right, devour any mystery I could find. (My husband says, the paragraph I just wrote sounds like a murder in the makin.’) 🙂

So! Here are the mysteries that had a profound influence! ~ that shaped me! ~ that molded me! that convinced me! ~ in those early years. The Nancy Drew Library: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories--Classic Series 1-56: Who doesn’t love Nancy Drew??? She’s awesome and she always seemed fearless to me. My friends and I would read her mysteries and then discuss them. Fun. 🙂

Charlie Chan ( While Charlie chan actor was white "number one son" and his family on shows were of Asian descent):

OH  MY GOODNESS! I love Charlie Chan mysteries. Charlie Chan was played by three different actors, however, my favorite was Sidney Toler. Victor Sen Yung played Charlie Chan’s #1 son, Jimmy. Jimmy was always very proud of his famous detective father. Jimmy was also a little tooooo helpful.

Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney in Otto Preminger's "Laura." 1944. A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.:

I will never forget the first time I saw “Laura,” starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. I was so surprised! I loved it. What a twist! I’ve read the book too!

Joan Fontaine & Laurence Olivier in Rebecca:

“Rebecca!” Oh my goodness! This is a Hitchcock movie. Joan Fontaine and Lawrence Olivier are in this movie of murder and suspense. I read the book before I saw the movie. Loved them both.

So, there you have it! Murder ~ The Early Years. There are so many more I could name. This list is but a few. Enjoy!





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