I Was Gazing At My Kindle ~

One of the goals I have this year, was to read all the books I have downloaded on my kindle. I’m getting there ~ reaching the goal. 🙂 YAY!

The Have Read List ~

~ Cape of Secrets by Georgina Lee

~ Winter Watch by Anita Klumpers 

~ Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

~ The Yellow Packard by Ace Collins

~ The Professor by Charlotte Bronte

~ The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

~ Legend of the Book Keeper by Daniel Blackaby

All of the above listed books were good. Cape of Secrets was a little steamy for me.

My two favorites were ~ The Scarlet Pimpernel and Winter Watch.


~ A Country Beyond by James Oliver Curwood

~ Angel’s Den by Jamie Carie








~ Flower of the North by James Oliver Curwood

~ Target by Lisa Phillips


~ The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton


~ The Flaming Forest by James Oliver Curwood

I didn’t realize how close I was to finishing. 🙂 Have you read any of these book? Let me know which ones. Favorites??? Enjoy your day! 🙂





I Protest!!!

I heard a terrible rumor! That’s right, a terrible rumor. I heard Supergirl is being canceled! Please tell me it isn’t true!  How rude!!! I like Supergirl!

Reasons why Supergirl should  not be canceled ~

~ Cara is young, fresh, and so likable! She loves her sister and she loves people. She certainly desires to lend a helping hand where ever she can.

~ The show has believable characters one can identify with!

~ Supergirl is an old story with a fresh look, but the old story hasn’t disappeared with the new look.

~ Cat Grant. *ahem* Hey! She grew on me!

~ Winn is so nice. I am a little disappointed in him though.

~ Great stunts, CGI and all that stuff!

~ The villains and villainesses are so good, I feel like slapping them and saying, “Buck Up and Behave!” 🙂

~ Each episode is awesome!

Is ‘Supergirl’ Introducing ‘Superwoman’ in Season 1? -- CBS is currently seeking actresses to play Lois Lane's sister Lucy Lane, a.k.a. Superwoman in the upcoming series ‘Supergirl’. -- http://movieweb.com/supergirl-tv-show-superwoman/:


Classic Movie Friday!

Spellbound ~1945

Ingrid Bergman

Gregory Peck

Mom's Media Manual: Spellbound, the divided eye, and Baudry's dream screen.:

John Ballantyne (Gregory Peck) has lost his memory. He’s an imposter and is accused of murder in this Hitchcock suspense film. Dr. Constance Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) falls in love with John and the two of them are on the run while trying to escape the law and recover his memory.

This is a good movie. Of course, who doesn’t love Hitchcock??? I had no idea what was going on, so, I didn’t solve the mystery. Hitchcock is one of my all time favorites. I really don’t know how many Hitchcock films I’ve see, but I’ve seen a few. Rebecca is probably my favorite, but there are so many good ones! 🙂 Do you enjoy Hitchcock? What are your favorites?

Cozy Mystery Reading Challenge

As many of you know, I joined the Cozy Mystery Reading Challenge this year. I chose Level 2 ~ Investigator 🙂 I’m reading, 7 to 12 cozy mysteries this year. Anyway, I thought I would give you an update.


Oh! I’m going for the BIG 12! *Applause! Applause* The Wave!!!


1.) Murder in the Paperback Parlor, by Ellery Adams 4 **** stars!

2.) A Bat In the Belfry, by Sarah Graves 3 *** stars!

3.) Death In Lover’s Lane, by Carolyn Hart 4 **** stars!

4.) Geared for the Grave, by Duffy Brown 4 **** stars!

5.) Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder, by Chris Cavender 5 ***** stars!

6.) Fogged Inn, by Barbara Ross 5 ***** stars!

7.) The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, by Lilian Jackson Braun 4 **** stars!


1.)  To Helvetica and Back, by Paige Shelton

2.) And Then There Were Nuns, by Kylie Logan

3.) A Slice of Murder, by Chris Cavender

4.) The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, by Lilian Jackson Braun

5.) The Hammett Hex, by Victoria Abbott

And there you have it! 🙂 Do you enjoy a good mystery? What are your favorites? Have you read any on the above list? I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!


The Sidekick? The Unsung Hero/Heroine!

I rarely rarely watch “Criminal Minds.” The show is tooooooo dark for me. My my my. Those are DARK stories! Yikes! Anyway, recently I’ve watched a few episodes of “Criminal Minds” and . . . me thinks I’ve discovered an unsung heroine!

She’s pretty. She’s quirky. She’s fun. She’s smart and she can make a computer dance and sing and stand on it’s head! lol. *ahem* She assists the FBI Profilers in so many ways. The team would fall apart without her.

Kristen Vangsness aka Penelope Garcia aka Baby Girl!

Penelope Garcia:

Bring A Cowboy Home, by Gloria Doty

Vox Dei Publishing was giving away free books, so, I took a gander at their list of reads and chose two books. “Bring A Cowboy Home,” was one of my two choices.

Please read the dedication at the beginning of this book. It is so sweet. I cried when I read it.

Louisa lives and owns a thriving business in Chicago. She travels to Texas and there she meets a tall, good looking cowboy – Cal. Both Louisa and Cal are widowed. Louisa has a past and baggage. Cal has interfering adult offspring.

This is a faith-based, clean romance. Our couple in love, Cal and Louisa, are in the later years of life. Love is for any age and I enjoy romances in the fifties and beyond. This story is about family, adoption, forgiveness with light humor peppered throughout and direct honesty among the characters.

I am sorry to say, I didn’t like Louisa. I thought she was tough as nails, which isn’t necessarily a negative quality, however, she also seemed to have a bad attitude and she seemed sarcastic and mouthy at times.

I mentioned adoption above. There is a couple in the story who are adopting two children and I loved that! I am so pro-adoption. I loved the way the family came together and painted bedrooms for the children. Sweet. 🙂

3***Lone Star State Stars! Enjoy! 🙂 Thank-you Gloria for sending your book to me! 🙂



The Chronicle of Three: Bloodline

Vox Dei Publishing was giving away free books, so I thought I would take a gander at what they had to offer. I chose two books and “The Chronicle of Three: Bloodline,” by Tabitha Caplinger was one of my choices. The other choice, you ask? Ahhh. You will know soon. 🙂

After the death of her parents, Zoe and her Aunt Claire leave Minnesota and move to Torch creek, Virginia. There is a dark, evil shadow lurking, watching, when Zoe is born and that evil presence is in Virginia.

I liked this book. It’s about loss, grief, the importance of family and friends, relocating, second chances and spiritual warfare. Captivating story!

I was uncomfortable with Michael and Claire’s relationship. I’m not sure what was going on there.

Claire and Maggie were my favorite characters. I liked them both equally. Claire and Maggie brought normalcy to a difficult and stressful situation. Both characters were full of fun energy.  I enjoyed the banter, teasing and fun interaction among the characters. 🙂 I especially enjoyed the relationship between Claire and Zoe. At times they seemed more like siblings, rather than aunt and niece.

This book was creeeeeeeepy in places. I think a shiver went up my spine a couple of times.

When the book ended, I wasn’t finished. I wanted to keep reading! 🙂 4.5 ****stars! Enjoy!

Thank-you Tabitha for sending me your book! 🙂




Inkling Explorations

This month’s selection: A scene involving a letter, a package, or a post office in film ~


For more info – go to Heidi’s blog.

The art of letter writing is gone in our techno-minded culture, at least I believe it is. I always loved receiving mail when I was a child. The excitement I felt was wonderful as I saw the package, letter or magazine with my name on it. Through time that hasn’t changed, I still look forward to the delivery of the mail, so I can see the wonders the letter carrier brings. And yes, I do send letters and cards through the mail to friends and family.

My selection for Heidi’s fun blog activity is, The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. In this story, Kate and Alex, live in two different times. They have a magic mailbox, at the lake house, which transports their letters and other items, to one another, through time. As a result of their letters, Alex and Kate fall in love with one another. ~The art of letter writing.~

Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves in "The Lake House", 2006: