“Finding Promise,” by Scarlett Dunn

Well ladies, get your swoon on! 🙂

I like a good cowboy romance, and I like westerns set in the old west. That’s right. I want my cowboy to ride a horse and own a ranch. Of course, a Texas Ranger would be nice or a marshal. I don’t want the cowboy to be a systems analyst or work in marketing and drive a pick up truck. 🙂

Jake McBride is a former U.S. Marshal. He is relentless, tenacious, passionate, stubborn and good looking. He isn’t perfect. He does have a past, however, he has integrity. While Jake and his friends are taking a herd of cattle to Wyoming he discovers a wagon train of people who have all been killed with the exception of one pretty woman. He rescues the unconscious lady and when she awakens, he discovers she doesn’t have any memory of her life at all or the attack on the wagon train.

I liked this story. It certainly kept my attention. It was full of adventure.

Do you like a good romance set in the old west? If you do, you might want to check this out. It does have mild profanity but it’s a clean romance.



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