“Fogged Inn,” by Barbara Ross

Fogged Inn is the fourth book in a series ~ the Maine Clambake Mystery series. I’ve read all the books in the series as they’ve been released. In all the stories, the author transports the reader to Maine. Then the reader is given a look into the lives of those who live in this northeast part of the country.

It’s off season on the coast of Maine, and our sleuth Julia Snowden has put aside her families clam bake business for the season and is working the dinner hours at the restaurant/bar her and boyfriend Chris have started at Gus’s place. I like Gus. He’s a crotchety guy but so lovable.

One morning Gus arrives early and finds a dead body in his sub-zero fridge. Even after multiple warnings from the police throughout the book, Julia feels she must investigate and solve this puzzling case.

Good mystery! Not only has there been a murder, but it’s winter, it’s cold and someone is skulking about. Not only is someone creeping – but they are somehow getting into the restaurant and her home, stealing items while she sleeps and she never hears a sound. A door is unlocked in the morning but there is no sign of a break -in. Mmmm.  If you enjoy a good cozy mystery, this is a good one. I didn’t solve it. If you haven’t read the first three books in the series, I think this one can be read first. I like to read books in order, but I don’t think it would be confusing if you read “Fogged Inn” first. 5*****stars!



One thought on ““Fogged Inn,” by Barbara Ross

  1. Thanks, Kathy. I spotted it at the Cozy Challenge on Goodreads. I’m like you and prefer to read them in order, so I’ve put Clammed Up on my list.

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