The Chronicle of Three: Bloodline

Vox Dei Publishing was giving away free books, so I thought I would take a gander at what they had to offer. I chose two books and “The Chronicle of Three: Bloodline,” by Tabitha Caplinger was one of my choices. The other choice, you ask? Ahhh. You will know soon. 🙂

After the death of her parents, Zoe and her Aunt Claire leave Minnesota and move to Torch creek, Virginia. There is a dark, evil shadow lurking, watching, when Zoe is born and that evil presence is in Virginia.

I liked this book. It’s about loss, grief, the importance of family and friends, relocating, second chances and spiritual warfare. Captivating story!

I was uncomfortable with Michael and Claire’s relationship. I’m not sure what was going on there.

Claire and Maggie were my favorite characters. I liked them both equally. Claire and Maggie brought normalcy to a difficult and stressful situation. Both characters were full of fun energy.  I enjoyed the banter, teasing and fun interaction among the characters. 🙂 I especially enjoyed the relationship between Claire and Zoe. At times they seemed more like siblings, rather than aunt and niece.

This book was creeeeeeeepy in places. I think a shiver went up my spine a couple of times.

When the book ended, I wasn’t finished. I wanted to keep reading! 🙂 4.5 ****stars! Enjoy!

Thank-you Tabitha for sending me your book! 🙂





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