Bring A Cowboy Home, by Gloria Doty

Vox Dei Publishing was giving away free books, so, I took a gander at their list of reads and chose two books. “Bring A Cowboy Home,” was one of my two choices.

Please read the dedication at the beginning of this book. It is so sweet. I cried when I read it.

Louisa lives and owns a thriving business in Chicago. She travels to Texas and there she meets a tall, good looking cowboy – Cal. Both Louisa and Cal are widowed. Louisa has a past and baggage. Cal has interfering adult offspring.

This is a faith-based, clean romance. Our couple in love, Cal and Louisa, are in the later years of life. Love is for any age and I enjoy romances in the fifties and beyond. This story is about family, adoption, forgiveness with light humor peppered throughout and direct honesty among the characters.

I am sorry to say, I didn’t like Louisa. I thought she was tough as nails, which isn’t necessarily a negative quality, however, she also seemed to have a bad attitude and she seemed sarcastic and mouthy at times.

I mentioned adoption above. There is a couple in the story who are adopting two children and I loved that! I am so pro-adoption. I loved the way the family came together and painted bedrooms for the children. Sweet. 🙂

3***Lone Star State Stars! Enjoy! 🙂 Thank-you Gloria for sending your book to me! 🙂




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