The Red Door Inn, by Liz Johnson


Marie Carrington flees Boston for Prince Edward Island. She’s hurting, desperate and broke. As she stares at the ferry that carries people to PEI, she meets Jack. He’s widowed and in need of a woman who can put the finishes touches on his Inn. Jack pays her fare and they cross the water together in this charming story of hope and second chances.

I read this story at the perfect time. I had just tried to read two horrible books and needed a nice, gentle read with characters I would come to love and a setting that would make me sigh. This was the book. I loved it. I enjoyed the Inn, the renovations, the interior design, the antique shop and the auction. I loved the bakery and of course, I loved all the characters, especially Jack. He was my favorite! 🙂 And! Prince Edward Island was the perfect setting for such a sweet story. *****5 stars.


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