“To Helvetica and Back,” by Paige Shelton

We have a vintage typewriter with a “L” key that doesn’t work correctly and a strange man demanding to purchase it. Later strange man is discovered dead.

It was a good mellow murder mystery. ****4 stars. No gangbusters or shoot ’em up type stuff. No cavalry coming to the rescue ~ well, maybe a little. This is the first book in this series.

Clare is our amateur sleuth and Jodie is her best fiend and local police officer. The two women grew up together in Utah. They make quite a pair.

Back in the day, Clare’s Grandpa Chester started a business to repair typewriters. Grandpa expanded his business through the years. This unique shop is called, The Rescued Word. They restore old books, sell high end paper products and “modern day writing instruments.” Oh yea, they continue to repair typewriters. Grandpa also has a replica of a Gutenberg printing press. Yes, they do use the printing press. Clare runs the business now and enjoys her work. I like this business. I would work here. Yup, I would.

This small town has other interesting businesses. One man in town teaches Latin. That’s right, Latin. I would sign up for his classes! 🙂 Yes I would. I would be speaking Latin to everyone I meet. Then we have mines and a geologist, goats and bikers. Yes, it is an interesting cozy mystery.

I gave it four stars because it has a couple of very minor things that made me crinkle up my nose *haha* but I enjoyed the book.

Have you read “To Helvetica and Back?” I’d love to hear from you.





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