Top Ten Tuesday!

With the warmth of spring, the park near our home is blessed with more activity. So, for top ten Tuesday I have created a list of activities I have enjoyed observing or participating in at the park. Enjoy!

~ Men playing bagpipes! That’s right, with the warmer temperatures, it is not uncommon to see and hear, the caterwauling sound of someone playing the bagpipes! That amazing sound, which I do enjoy, can be heard for many blocks. 🙂

~ Male and female performers practicing tight rope walking! 🙂 I haven’t examined the rope up close and personal, but these daring ladies and gents do stretch out a tight rope, in the park, and practice their talent. I might ask them if I can give it a try sometime. 🙂

Weddings. With the warmer temps, it is not uncommon to see a wedding in the park every weekend. My favorite wedding ~ the bride and the groom drove away on a scooter/vespa! Oh yea! He was wearing his tuxedo and she was fully adorned in her wedding gown. He was driving and off they went. It was great! I loved it!


~ Family Reunions, picnics and birthday parties!

~ Owners training their dogs, or maybe, dogs training their owners!

~ Church services are very common in the park.

~ Concerts.

~ Story telling and plays for children. This is very popular. It attracts children from all over the city.

~ Friends tossing Frisbees to one another.

~ Horseshoe competitions.

Below ~ My awesome photography of flowers in the park. This photo is from the spring of 2015.

Spring2014 012


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. Beautiful flowers! So love it when the outdoors FINALLY comes alive in the spring; in that awkward stage between Winter and Spring, things are not pretty at all! 🙂

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