“The Cracked Spine,” by Paige Shelton

A Scottish Bookshop Mystery

Delaney works in a museum in Kansas. As a result of budget cuts, she looses her job. Well! I was not at all surprised when she packs her bags and moves to Scotland to work at a bookstore in Edinburgh ~ and a mighty fine bookstore it is! What a shop to explore! :)Shortly after she arrives in this interesting country, someone is murdered. Delaney – loaded with determination – won’t stop until the mystery is solved.

I really really enjoyed this story. What an adventure! Delaney is a little quirky but up for the challenge of relocating and living in a new country. I liked her. However, my favorite characters were Elias, the cab driver, and his wife Aggie. They were so warm, friendly, and hospitable. They received Delaney with open arms and were always available to help in any way they could.

There was so much mystery inside this mystery. Edwin, the owner of the bookstore, was an enigma. Hamlet, the thespian, definitely had a mysterious quality to him. The auctions were mysterious. Edwin’s friends seemed hidden, in a sense, and unexplained. And Edinburgh has it’s own unique baffling qualities. This story held my attention!

This author has great words in her book ~ fortuitous, nestled, canny, cryptic, mishmash, froufrou, discombobulation, traipse and nefarious! 🙂

I am so ready to board a jet and travel to Scotland! Enjoy! 5***** mysterious stars!



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