Children’s Book Week!

BwposterforwebWOOT WOOT! It’s Children’s Book Week! YAY! I love kid’s books. FUN! Stuff! Sound the horn! Clash the cymbals! Blow the tuba! Ring the bells! Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Read a book. 🙂 Read a book out loud to someone!

Here are a few fun questions ~

~Who taught you to read?

~What was the title of your first amazing book? Who was the author? Who introduced you to the book or did you discover it on your own?

For information on Children’s Book Week ~

Brian Won is the illustrator of the above picture.


9 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week!

  1. I was in an excellent public school system in Omaha and that’s where I learned to read. Reading time at school was a highlight of each day. It wasn’t my first book, but I remember how much I loved our teacher reading James and the Giant Peach to us in 2nd grade. My dad built some cabinets for a wealthy family that year, and they gave me a box of children’s books since their kids had grown. There were several Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books and I devoured them, but my favorite they gave me was The Little Mermaid.

  2. Fun! So many different things I started on. My first book that was actually mine was Green Eggs and Ham, then I went on to Pippi Longstocking and Bruno and Boots. 🙂
    Other things that my sibs started on were How To Train Your Dragon for Daniel, Ramona Quimby for Squink and Geronimo Stilton for John.

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