Children’s Book Week!

Harold and the Purple Crayon!


Oh my goodness! It’s Harold! Give a *big shout out* to Harold! Who doesn’t like Harold? Harold is such cutie and what a great adventure. But hey, Harold is up for the challenge. He’s a quick thinker. He does well under pressure! 🙂

An elementary teacher told me, she announced to her class, she would be reading “Harold and the Purple Crayon” out loud to the class. The day was set. When the students arrived to school the day of the reading, they were all dressed in purple, including the teacher! 🙂

Fun stuff about Harold ~

~ Harold was first published in 1955! Goodness me! I had no idea! 🙂

~ Harold is four years old.

~ In 2007 ~ as a result of an online poll, Harold and his purple crayon were voted, Teacher’s Top 100 Books for children!

~ In 2012 School Library Journal conducted a survey and rated Harold number 16 in Top 100 Picture Books for children.

~ Crockett Johnson is a pen name for David Johnson Leisk. He was a cartoonist and a children’s’s book illustrator.

~ He was born October 20, 1906 and passed away July 11, 1975.

Have you read “Harold and the Purple Crayon?”



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