The Crazy Robin!

I am reading a book, when Rick scurries into the room where I reside and says, “You’ve got to see this! A robin is cleaning the gutter on our garage!”

I have a questioning expression on my face, stand and walk to the window at the back of our house, where I have a clear view of the garage.

Well! Sure enough! A crazy robin is literally gathering twigs, leaves and whatever else is in our gutter, and tossing it onto the patio in our backyard. I am all astonishment! 🙂 Of course, our patio is a mess, but the gutter is clean!

Later! I share our story of the maniac robin to our neighbor. She then shares with me this short story. She saw a robin in the front yard grab, in it’s beak, a piece of paper. The robin pecks and tears at the paper for a long time and then disappears???

Birdbrain??? 🙂 Who knew?

Animal of the day - 07/15/2010 - American Robin:


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