Top Ten Tuesday!

This past weekend my neighbor and I joined our talents and had a YARD SALE? RUMMAGE SALE? GARAGE SALE? Yes, this interesting event has a few different titles, all with the same meaning. *Let our STUFF become your STUFF!* We had a great time.

Friday, the first  day of the sale, it rained a few drops early in the morning, but it cleared up and we had great weather the remainder of the day. Saturday, the second day, it was pouring when I woke. So, we had a late start. But the promise of drier weather appeared, so we set up and enjoyed our sale. We did shut down earlier than we expected because of a tornado heading our way. We never saw a tornado, but it did rain.

So, the Top Ten Tuesday this week ~Ten Reasons to Have a Yard Sale!

~A yard sale is a great opportunity to clean out your closets and cupboards. Don’t forget your basement!

~You can show off your hubby’s artwork! 🙂 Yes! Rick did make the sign!


~A yard sale offers the chance to make some money.

~This is your day to wake up early in the morning and enjoy the dawn!

~You can sit outside in the fresh air for hours!

~You can chat with your neighbor for an extended period of time and solve all the worlds problems as you chatter.

~As all the neighbors will take a stroll to your house to see what you’re selling, it’s a great opportunity to visit with the neighbors.

~You will watch in amazement when many burly men from the wilderness arrive at your home and purchase cute knick-knacks.

~Your math skills will improve as you count back change.

~You will enjoy a feeling of satisfaction when every do-dad and thingamajig is sold.



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