“Our house, is a very very very fine house . . .”

**FREE ViNTaGE DiGiTaL STaMPS**: Free Vintage Digital Stamp - Old Farm House: Good morning. Rick and I live in a historic home. Along with cozy, snug and comfy, it’s been interesting. I call our dwelling place, a farmhouse cottage.

After moving in, we lived in the house for twelve months before we did anything to it. I wanted the house to speak to me and tell me what it needed. 🙂 I also wanted to experience all four seasons to discover what was in garden. It was worth the wait. The house told me *ahem* it needed to be opened up. It wanted fresh air flowing through it. So! We opened up the house. Rick restored the windows. We have “vintage” windows with the weights, counter-weights and ropes. Since Rick repaired them, I have learned they are great windows. They go up and down with ease. However, the windows in our closed-in front porch were nailed shut, so that took some effort to open. I think Rick spent an entire day working on those windows, but now they are open and because of the breeze that goes through that room, it’s my favorite room in the house. 🙂

Since we’ve lived here, we did get a new furnace. When the men came to install the new one, the man said, our furnace was so old he didn’t recognize it or the company who made it. Well! Alright then.

We also had a fireplace put in. That is wonderful. The fireplace heats the house. We only use the furnace in January.

Our kitchen needed the most attention. Since we did the work, it was inexpensive. Rick took down old wallpaper. He scrubbed glue off the walls and we painted. He also did some stenciling in the kitchen. We eventually bought new appliances and we put hardware on the cupboard doors. Now we have a cute, little cottage kitchen.

Rick reports, the most difficult thing about living in a historic home ~ getting workers to update the home when it’s necessary.

I’m a terrible gardener, so flowers are always difficult for me to grow. I do have daisies, bleeding hearts, lilies, mint, lilacs, and some unknown flowers. Rick is great growing vegetables. We have tomatoes and peppers every year.

If we moved, would I purchase another historic home? Maybe. I have learned a LOT owning this one. I would say, if you are thinking of buying a historic home, go for it! Especially if you have carpentry skills or interior design experience. That would be awesome. We live in a beautiful neighborhood and we have great people all around us. There can be challenges with historic homes though.

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National Fairy Day!

Ren Festival 2013 011

June 24, is NATIONAL FAIRY DAY! Give a Fairy a hug today. 🙂 This is Twig. We meet her at a Renaissance Festival every year. I took both of these photos. She doesn’t speak, she plays her flute. She’s enchanting, magical, fun, and a little mischievous She sprinkles fairy dust on me and gives me a shiny rock. 🙂 


Ren Festival 2013 054

5 Favorites~

In December, I listed my top ten favorite reads for 2015. That was not easy. I read so many good books, to narrow it down to ten is a task. So, I thought it might help to list my top five reads halfway through the year. 🙂 Then again, maybe not. We shall see. 🙂 So, without further ado . . .

1.) The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy


2.) The River’s End by James Oliver Curwood


3.) The Foundling by Georgette Heyer


4.) The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillian


5.) Winter Watch by Anita Klumpers


What are your favorite reads for 2016? Enjoy!

“The Foundling,” by Georgette Heyer

Well! The Duke of Sale had a grand adventure! Maybe, I should start at the beginning. The Duke was always a sickly child, so he was babied and pampered. His guardian, also his uncle, is over-bearing. The Duke is continually surrounded by caretakers and one day, he becomes tired of the constant ministrations. So, at the age of twenty-four, when given the opportunity, he disappears! Such behavior for a Duke! Tsk Tsk! Well, let me tell you, when the news of the Duke’s disappearance circulated, the theories were entertaining ~ to say the least. My personal favorite, he was in a duel, shot and left for dead. Grazed but not dead, haha. So, the Duke is on an adventure of a lifetime! And what an adventure. 🙂 The Duke must prove his worth and use his wits to get him through the challenges he faces.

If you would like to read an exhilarating adventure story with great characters, humor and just plain good fun, this is the book for you.

This is the second book I’ve read by this author and both books were highly entertaining. Have you read “The Foundling?” Let me know. 5***** exciting, adventurous stars!

Foundling | Georgette Heyer #Romance:






What a sweet movie.

Cinderella ~2015

Lily James

Richard Madden

Cate Blanchett

Cinderella, bareback riding.  “Just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.” -Cinderella:

I happy to say, I finally watched this movie. I loved it. I had read about it on several blogs, but, I am sorry to say, it took me awhile to finally see the film.

I loved Cinderella, her home, her parents. Sadly, we all know what happened, but it all worked out in the end. There were cute and enjoyable moments. The fairy godmother was delightful. I love the horses with the mouse ears. 🙂 One of my favorite moments ~when Cinderella is in the coach. The coach was beautiful and she was lovely in it. Cinderella’s dress was breathtaking and blue is my favorite color, however, I did love her wedding dress!

The Prince was so handsome ~ heck, he was a cutie!~ He was so dapper, royal and resplendent.

There were so many breathtaking and beautiful scenes in this movie. I highly recommend this film for anyone of any age. Enjoy!

Top Ten Tuesday!

Our home is quiet. Rowdy and Rick are sleeping. I can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance and the soft sprinkle of rain falling outside.

I wasn’t going to write a Top Ten Tuesday this week, but I enjoy the morning hours so much, I decided to share them with you. They are in no particular order.

~ The air is fresh and the neighborhood is quiet.

~ Rick sets the coffee maker the night before, so we enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, I enjoy the scent of coffee.

~ I relax on our bench in the backyard and enjoy a steaming cup of English breakfast tea.

~ The flowers, in our backyard, are refreshed from the coolness of the night.

~ My thoughts turn to His blessings, which are new every morning.

~ There are mornings, Rick travels to the local bakery and returns with a freshly baked scone, warm from the oven and offers it to me.

~ If I go on an early morning bike ride, or walk, I return with photos of flowers.

~ I read uninterrupted and savor the words I’ve read.

~ Jammies all day. 🙂

~ The bunnies and squirrels who live in our yard are preparing for the day.

Rise and shine!:

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So! Unexpectedly, here I am! As some of you know, Rick and I were going on an adventure. Well, as we were getting ready to leave, Rick said to me, Something isn’t right. I don’t feel right about the trip. So, we postponed our adventure and Rick took our vehicle to the mechanic. The mechanic told him, our vehicle is in great shape, but there is one little problem. Our car would have broke down on the trip. I am so thankful we canceled our trip!

While our car was being repaired, I went to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate. I ordered my drink and as I was about to pay for it, unexpectedly, a rotund man walked in the door and interrupted the process. He had a booming voice and cut in front of me. I didn’t say anything. I observed his boisterous behavior as he ordered a coffee. They gave him a total which was expensive! I thought the coffee at this establishment was high. He paid and started to leave. As he departed, the man working at the coffee shop told me the loud man paid for my hot chocolate!!! I was incredibly surprised. I glanced around for the man, found him and thanked him. He waved it off. That explains the high cost of coffee! 🙂

coffee cup: