“Alice Through the Looking Glass”

My my my! We saw Alice (Mia Wasikowska).

I thought Alice in Wonderland, was creepy. Much to my surprise, Alice Through the Looking Glass was not creepy, but it was different! I’m not sure what I was expecting, I didn’t read much about it, but I wasn’t expecting what I got. Of course, I might just be getting use to creepy stuff. 🙂

~ I loved the costumes Alice (Mia) wore throughout the movie. They were beautifully done.

~ Rick and I watched the movie in 3D. I love the blue butterfly, Absalom, (Alan Rickman). I always felt like I can reach out and touch it.

~Alice’s ride through Wonderland was quite the adventure.

~ There are several comical lines throughout the movie. It’s about time. haha!

~ I loved the scene at the beginning of the movie ~ the wooden ships with large sails. Great stuff!

Alice's Mandarin costume: Alice Through the Looking Glass: I think the movie is a little intense for young children. That’s my opinion. It was certainly, without a doubt, most emphatically, unquestionably, interesting! Enjoy!





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