Classic Movie Friday!

Jane Eyre ~1944~

Joan Fontaine

Orson Welles

Peggy Ann Garner (young Jane)

The book is normally better than the movie. That is so true. 🙂 Film makers did an admirable job with Jane Eyre in 1944, but the book is better. I’ve never seen a movie where they have captured the story of Jane Eyre as it should be done. Of course, that is my opinion. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classic books!

I was surprised ~to say the least ~ when I discovered they chose Orson Welles as Mr. Rochester! I barely knew who he was. I’m still a little puzzled as to their choice for Mr. Rochester. He did a fine job acting, but I’m not sure I would have selected him.

I love Joan Fontaine. I’ve seen her act in past movies and she is lovely.

Film makers omitted part of the story, however, this movie isn’t bad. The movie viewer gets a good look at Jane’s early years. Mr. Rochester’s house and the noises in the night are dark and creepy.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you.

Jane Eyre, 1943, by Robert Stevenson:


One thought on “Classic Movie Friday!

  1. Oh, I’ve not seen this version yet! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! 😀
    I have enjoyed both Joan Fontaine (Rebecca is an old favorite of mine) and Orson Welles in other films as well as radio shows (ever listened to The War of the Worlds?) and I’m curious to see how they portray my beloved Jane and Mr. Rochester! Like you, Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics– I’ve read it several times– and, though I’ve seen at least 4 film adaptations, I wonder if it’s possible that one will ever do the book justice?

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