“The Foundling,” by Georgette Heyer

Well! The Duke of Sale had a grand adventure! Maybe, I should start at the beginning. The Duke was always a sickly child, so he was babied and pampered. His guardian, also his uncle, is over-bearing. The Duke is continually surrounded by caretakers and one day, he becomes tired of the constant ministrations. So, at the age of twenty-four, when given the opportunity, he disappears! Such behavior for a Duke! Tsk Tsk! Well, let me tell you, when the news of the Duke’s disappearance circulated, the theories were entertaining ~ to say the least. My personal favorite, he was in a duel, shot and left for dead. Grazed but not dead, haha. So, the Duke is on an adventure of a lifetime! And what an adventure. 🙂 The Duke must prove his worth and use his wits to get him through the challenges he faces.

If you would like to read an exhilarating adventure story with great characters, humor and just plain good fun, this is the book for you.

This is the second book I’ve read by this author and both books were highly entertaining. Have you read “The Foundling?” Let me know. 5***** exciting, adventurous stars!

Foundling | Georgette Heyer #Romance:







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