I loved this movie!

Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks

Emma Thompson

Saving_Mr_banks: “Saving Mr. Banks,” is the story of Walt Disney and P.L. Travers and how her book, Mary Poppins came to the big screen. Travers did not “make nice.” I think I was the last person to see this movie, but I did see it last night. It was so good! 🙂 I thought the story was rich with just the right touch of magic, and her (P.L. Travers) memories were precious and necessary. They completed the story -they were the story! Without her memories . . . well

The cast was perfect. Colin Farrell played Travers father. A tragic story but he was so full of imagination and adventure. What a great guy! Ruth Wilson played Travers mother, a hurting wife and mother. She was lovely and I wanted to hug her and never let go.

Who didn’t love Ralph? (Paul Giamatti) What a sweetheart. The list of a great cast goes on.

If you haven’t seen Saving Mr. Banks, I highly recommend that you do see it. It is now one of my favorite movies! Enjoy!



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