The Curiosity Shop ~

Yesterday Rick and I traveled to places unknown. 🙂 In our journey, we discovered a town with a population of seventy people. I was driving, so I parked our vehicle and we walked the one street community. In the center of town, much to our delight, was a curiosity shop. As we pushed the door open a bell sounded and we gazed upon a business with stacks and stacks and piles and piles of everything.

So colorful! Reds! Yellows! Blues! Greens! Toys, clothes, hats, puzzles, games, knickknacks, books, shoes, boots, glassware, greeting cards and oddities of every kind. It wasn’t an antique store, however, they did have a few interesting antiques. They had a vintage cash register, and a stove that dated to I don’t know what year? They had an interesting antique washing machine. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it had a large tub and two wringers were attached to it. The person doing the laundry would run the wet clothes through the two wringers to squeeze the water out of the clothes. I hope that describes it ok. Oh! I found a picture!

Vintage Illustratie-Affiche-Reclame ~Tekst: Laundry Wash-o-Matic Everything Clean~:

That Curiosity Shop was so unique and great fun. We were lost inside that business of oddities for a long time, not even wanting to come out or pop our heads up to gaze around and see what was happening while we browsed.

I bought a book. As I  waited in line to pay for it, the customer behind me was purchasing the most colorful jacket I have ever seen in my life. Any color I could possible think of was on the jacket.

curiosity shop - Google Search: Two lovely elderly ladies were working. I spoke to them for a minute and they said, the store changes constantly. The next time we visit, it was guaranteed to be completely different!

I’m trying to remember what was the most unique item I saw . . . probably the seamstress mannequin! 🙂

Im picturing an art gallery with photographs displayed in bw  and vintage body forms holding the pictures.  ~  WOULD BE COOL.: Well, anyway, we had a great time! Rick and I are going to return one day and explore again! Next time I’ll have my camera and take hundreds of photos! haha.



2 thoughts on “The Curiosity Shop ~

  1. OMG, I am dating myself when I say what I’ve seen so many of those things in real life in my grandmother’s home. Actually I always wanted one of those adjustable seamtress’ mannequins.

  2. My grandmother had one of those washing machines. What a fun place to visit. So glad you stopped and took the time. What a great memory.

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