Classic Movie Friday!

The Comancheros ~1961

John Wayne

Stuart Whitman

Duke and Stuart Whitman are on the lookout for Comanches in "The Comancheros" (1961).:

Well! It all started when Monsieur Paul Regret (Stuart Whitman) killed a man in a duel. Now I really don’t want men to duel, however, it seemed to me it was a fair fight, hence, I didn’t believe it was murder! But, as a result of the deadly duel, yup that’s right, the Monsieur was a wanted outlaw, so Texas Ranger Jake Cutter (John Wayne) tracks and captures him. Then it gets complicated.

The Comancheros is a good humorous, action packed, classic western. I found myself chuckling throughout the movie. John Wayne was one of a kind!

Have you seen The Comancheros? Tell me your thoughts. What John Wayne movies have you seen? I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!


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