“Medusa’s Hands,” by Monica Mynk


This faith based book is really about human trafficking. There are several issues woven throughout the story ~alcoholism, drug addiction, forgiveness ~ but human trafficking is the main issue.

Megan is a waitress, struggling financially, trying to finish school and get a job as a hair stylist. Zack is a young man Megan has known since they were kids. He’s in love with her but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He’s a party guy and treats her bad.  One day Kelsey, Zack’s niece, arrives on Megan’s doorstep. Kelsey’s mother, Larissa, is missing and in danger. Megan, not in any position to help a teenager, asks Zack for help.

I liked the characters, well, I didn’t like the antagonist, but no one likes the antagonist!

They all had baggage, but they were likable. I thought Kelsey was a brat! I did. 🙂 She got into trouble several times throughout the story. Ultimately she was worried about her mother, but she wasn’t listening to the adults in life who wanted to keep her safe and were looking out for her well-being.

I thought Larissa , Kelsey’s mother, had some strength in her character when all was said and done. ****stars.

I’d like to thank the author for e-mailing her book to me in exchange for an honest review.




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