“The Reluctant Widow,” by Georgette Heyer

Oh! My! Word! Or, as my neighbor was known to say, “Never in all my born days!”

I can always depend on Georgette Heyer to write a frolicking good romp!

In this story, Elinor is traveling to new place of employment to be a governess. Well, she boards the wrong coach and discovers she is at the estate of Eustace Cheviot, who is dying of a wound. Well, his cousin Ned, convinces Elinor to marry Eustace as a business arrangement. How rude! The following morning, she learns she is a widow.

I laughed so much. I hooted! Nicky was my favorite character. He had so much spirit and energy. He really wanted to be a part of a grand adventure. I could see him on a quest. That’s right, I could.

Yes, this story has mystery, intrigue, humor, adventure, skulking, that’s right skulking around, cloak and dagger stuff and down right good fun! 5*****



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