“The Black Moth,” by Georgette Heyer


“Jack Carstares, the disgraced Earl of Wyndam, left England seven long years ago, sacrificing his honor for that of his brother when he was accused of cheating at cards. Now Jack is back, roaming his beloved South Country in the disguise of a highwayman.” ~goodreads

“And the beauty who would steal his heart.” ~goodreads

Oh yes. “Forsooth!” We have chivalry, swashbuckling adventure, a lady in distress, a masked highwayman, amour and an evil Duke. Boo hiss!

I liked it! It is a FUN story. I understand it was Georgette Heyer’s first book and she was fifteen when she wrote it. She wrote it for a convalescing brother. I can picture in my mind, young Georgette and her brother having such a good time as she wrote this book. She, of course, read it out loud to him. I believe she did the voices and included all the dramatics. *big smile*

There were so many good characters in this book. With the exception of the Duke, I liked them all. *ahem* Well, maybe not Lavinia in the beginning. A grand adventure in England! *****5 heroic stars!

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