“Ruby Holler,” by Sharon Creech

This was a fun surprise! It was dark, gloomy and wet outside so, I read a kid’s book. I found this one at a yard sale last summer??? Mmm. I think it was last summer.

Dallas and Florida are twins. They have been moved from orphanage to foster home again and again. Even though they long for a home and love, they don’t trust adults. Their early years have been difficult.

Tiller and Sairy are sixty years old. Their children are grown and gone and they are wanting something to do.

Ruby Holler is a wonderful place full of trees, flowers, critters and adventure to last for years.

Tiller and Sairy bring Dallas and Florida to live with them in Ruby Holler. They did have a few mishaps but good times ensued with a new adventure each day.

I liked it. I enjoy reading kid’s books occasionally. They are so full of adventure! This one did not disappoint. I liked Dallas because of his great imagination. I liked Florida because she was so forthright. Tiller and Sairy were the perfect couple for the twins. Oh. Tiller and Sairy are a little quirky. Of course, I loved Ruby Holler.

“Florida and Dallas stared out the window at the winding road ahead and at the tall leafy trees flanking the road and at the stretches of wild grass with blue and red and yellow flowers blooming in clumps.”


4****stars! Enjoy!


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