“Timeless” TV Series 2016

Stories of time travel and those stalwart characters who take the journey through time have always interested me. I enjoy a good time travel adventure. However, if someone were to invent a time travel machine, I’m not sure I’d climb aboard??? Mmm.

There are several courageous souls who have taken the plunge, in fiction, into time travel. “The Time Machine,” by H. G. Wells is a classic favorite. Someone told me about a classic TV series titled, The Time Tunnel (1966) starring James Darren. And, I think it was last summer I read, “Nick of Time,” by Ted Bell, a great story of adventure in time! And of course one of my personal favorites, “The Map Across Time,” by C.S Lakin!

The BIG Screen has given us several time travel films! “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour is a classic favorite. I have enjoyed “The Lake House,” with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves and “Kate and Leopold,” with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman! Of course, I need to mention, the writer’s of “Star Trek” have dabbled in time travel again and again! And then, “Alice Through the Looking Glass,”(Mia Wasikowska) had a unique look at time travel. I think, right now, the CW has a time travel series. As I flip around the channels, I’ve noticed some superheroes traveling through time??? Correct me if I’m wrong??? And, I’m sure I’ve omitted a few good time travel stories.

Now! On Monday nights, we have three new intrepid time travelers! While the theories of time travel haven’t been discussed, believe me time travel theories can scramble your thought patterns! haha. *ahem* The show “Timeless,” is good. I haven’t been disappointed.

Our three unlikely heroes, Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) are traveling through time to stop a villain, Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic)  from changing history.

The television show clearly reveals the multiple issues the travelers face as they travel through time. Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), the poor guy does not do well with time travel. He slowly crawls out of the time machine whenever it lands and the doors open. He appears ill. Even though the pilot lands the machine in remote locations, there is an exposed time machine sitting somewhere in the past every time the trio lands. Their presence in time can change time, not to forget to mention, if they fail at their mission, time has changed. In one episode, when the travelers returned to the current time, a person had disappeared! The list of problems goes on and on. The adventures that wait for them, in the past, are always interesting and challenging.

I don’t know what the writer’s have planned for the new television show, but right now, I’m enjoying it. Have you seen “Timeless?” I’d like to hear from you. 🙂

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