“Christmas On My Mind” by Janet Dailey


Jessica Ramsey is driving her broken down vehicle from Kansas City to Branding Iron, Texas for a new start in life and to find her birth mother. Just a few miles out of town, her car breaks down and the good looking sheriff comes along to assist the lovely lady in distress, but believe me, she is anything but helpless. She’s determined, hard-working and sincerely wants to help her mother.

Sheriff Ben has a great son, a fragile mother and a town that continually needs tending to when the lovely Jessica arrives.

I have been reading Janet Dailey’s Christmas stories every year. It’s become a tradition with me. This one isn’t deeeeeeeep or insiiiiiiightfuuullllll or anything profound. It’s a nice smooth, easy read ~ two people meet and fall in love. It is a clean romance. You’re just going to get some steamy kissing if you read it. There  is some mild profanity ~ I think there is???

I liked Jessica, Ben, his son Ethan and his mother. Jessica’s birth mother, Francine, is a piece of work! ha!

If you want a nice, easy Christmas romance, check it out. Enjoy!


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