“The Red Signal,” by Grace Livingston Hill


Written in the backdrop of World War 1, after the death of her father, Hilda Lessing, travels to Platt’s Crossing to become a domestic. She soon discovers she is in the company of German spies planning to blow up a bridge and a train carrying cargo to assist in the war effort. Dan Stevens, a young engineer on the train, saved Hilda’s life early in the story and now she must save his.

I really enjoyed this story. Hilda, a girl fresh out of high school, discovers she is patriotic, brave, and willing to risk her life for her country.

I’ve read a few books by Grace Livingston Hill and “The Red Signal,” is her best work yet. I loved it! If you enjoy espionage, try this.

Have you read “The Red Signal?” What did you think? What other books have you read by Grace Livingston Hill? 🙂

4 thoughts on ““The Red Signal,” by Grace Livingston Hill

  1. I haven’t read “The Red Signal” yet, but I’ve read “The Mystery of Mary”, “Exit Betty”, and “The City of Fire.” I discovered Grace Livingston Hill earlier this year, and have really enjoyed her writing!

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