Classic Movie Friday!

Barefoot in the Park (1967)

Robert Redford

Jane Fonda

Charles Boyer

Mildred Natwick

Robert Redford & Jane Fonda in "Barefoot in the Park," 1967:

I love this movie! It’s one of my favorite classic movies! LOL!

Paul Bratter (Robert Redford) and Corie Bratter (Jane Fonda) are newlyweds, living in New York City. The movie is about their first couple of weeks of marriage. It is hilarious!!! Corie is more of a free spirit and sees adventure in everything and Paul (a new attorney) is more reserved. They live in an apartment building, neighbors to, an interesting hodgepodge of characters, enter Victor Velasco (Charles Boyer)! And of course, Ethel Banks (Mildred Natwick) comically plays Corie’s mother.

This is my favorite movie with Robert Redford! If you haven’t seen this one, please, watch it!!!


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