“A Christmas Party,” aka “Envious Casa,” by Georgette Heyer

Nathaniel Herriard has been murdered, on Christmas Eve, in his own home by person or persons unknown! Nathaniel didn’t want the festive event in his home. Nope, not at all.  But, the gala celebration was planned against Nathaniel’s wishes. So, the guests arrive. One of them is a killer!

What culprit did this dastardly deed???

“The servants? I cannot think it. My nephew? my niece? The very thought revolts one! A lifelong friend, then? An innocent child, hardly out of the schoolroom? Or an unfortunate young playwright, struggling gallantly to fulfil his destiny? How can I want any of these to be found guilty of murder? ~Joseph, The Christmas Party

Our stalwart Inspector Hemingway from the Yard, investigates and perseveres. And yes, he solves the case!


I liked it! I did! Georgette can certainly create interesting families! I can’t say I had a favorite character, but it was a good murder mystery! I thought it was well written and the plot was good. ****4 stars! It isn’t my favorite book by this author but it is good. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on ““A Christmas Party,” aka “Envious Casa,” by Georgette Heyer

  1. Well now, I thought you were having a Christmas tea ?? I haven’t read a murder mystery for a Long time – I’ll add it to the list

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