Five Male Characters Tag

So! Eva at ~

has a fun tag ~ the five male characters tag ~ and I thought I would give it the old heave ho!


1.) List five of your favorite male characters. (book or screen)

2.) Tagging other people is optional.

3.) If you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

4.) Link Back to ~


1.) Hero

2.) Villian

3.) Anti-Hero

4.) Best Book to Screen Adaptation

5.) Best character perception

~ Hero ~ Captain America/Steve Rogers ~ Marvel Comics

Captain America.  Love men in uniform.

~ Villian ~ Kahn/Benedict Cumberbatch ~ Star Trek Into the Darkness

Khan - Star Trek Into Darkness:

~ Anti Hero ~ Rick Blaine/Humphrey Bogart ~ Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart:

~ Best Book to Screen Adaptation ~ Walt Disney/Tom Hanks ~ Saving Mr. Banks ~ I don’t know if this one counts, but I thought Tom Hanks did a great job as Walt Disney.

Cannot wait for this movie. Dec 20! Trailer: Saving Mr. Banks - Movie Trailers:

~ Best Character Perception ~ This is a tough one. Real tough. Really really tough. I thought for hours. 🙂 *ahem* I finally decided on ~ drum roll please ~ Sam Gamgee/Sean Astin ~ The Lord of the Rings/JRR Tolkien


There you have it! If you spotted any of your male characters in this tag, you are tagged!!! If you are reading this, you are tagged!!! Have fun!

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