“The Tryst,” by Grace Livingston Hill

Sadly, Patricia (Patty) overhears a conversation between her mother and her sister that causes Patty to leave home. One the train ride, she’s so confused and hasn’t had time to really think about her choices and what she wants to do with her life, now that she’s left her family. Fortunately, she lands on her feet and finds a job as a companion to a wealthy, elderly woman.

She believes she is safe from her family discovering her whereabouts when she encounters a childhood friend, John Treeves. Well, she’s scared he will reveal her location to her family, so she avoids him, but Patty’s memories of John and his mother warm her heart.


The Tryst is a faith-based story.

My heart went out to Patty. The conversation she heard between her mother and her sister was horrible. When Patty fled her home, I was with her every step of the journey. I rode the train with her and was a little concerned with the uncertainty of her future and how she was going to make her way, on her own, in life. She is the sweetest girl and much tougher than she realized. I experienced a huge sigh of relief when she was hired as a companion.

John is a good man. He has integrity, values and courage. John successfully faced temptation.

He loved his mother and has tender memories of her.

Although this was not my favorite story by Grace Livingston Hill, I did enjoy it very much. *****5 stars.


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