Tragedy ~

I’ve been debating, in my mind, whether I should share this true story. I’m not really big into telling the internet the state I live in, and I think this was in the national news. Recently, within the past couple of days, our city experienced a terrible tragedy. A building downtown collapsed.

I went for a walk that morning and when I returned home someone sent me a text message asking me, if I was ok? I was a little puzzled by this text, but I responded, saying, yes I was fine. She sent me a second text, telling me a building collapsed downtown. She knew I walked in that area frequently and she wanted to know I was ok.

I immediately turned on the news and a local station was covering it live. It was “BREAKING NEWS.” So, for about three hours I watched the story unfold.

First responders were at the scene immediately!

There is a coffee shop across the street from the building that collapsed and the customers had a story to tell! One gentlemen said, it looked like someone was throwing bricks off the top of the building, then the windows blew out and the building came down. A woman said, there was so much dirt and debris you couldn’t see anything. It was like a wall of debris and dust. Another woman said, she felt the floor rumble and then she heard a boom. Person after person told their story.

We were told a man, and a woman with her dog were trapped inside the debris. The streets were blocked off and remain blocked. The woman was communicating, on her cell phone, with first responders and her parents.

Three hours after the collapse, they pulled the dog and the woman out of the building. The lady was conscious. They reported, she had injuries to her legs, but they weren’t certain the extent of the injuries. She was taken to a hospital and her dog was reunited with her parents. Several hours later firefighters removed the body of the man in the rubble. He didn’t make it.

Since then, I’ve heard they pulled out a couple of dogs, both alive and happy to be reunited with their people.

This is the most shocking thing that has happened in this city since I have lived here. And. It was in our own backyard ~ so to speak. I can easily walk to the collapsed building. I am so thankful there wasn’t any traffic or pedestrians in the area when the building collapsed.

There seems to be a domino effect ~ the buildings that were attached to the collapsed building now seem to be compromised and in danger. Apparently, the inside of the building was undergoing renovations. There is always an investigation whenever tragedy strikes and I’m sure there is one now.


7 thoughts on “Tragedy ~

  1. Happy to hear you’re safe. There is something about a startling reminder of our own mortality. Sorry for the family of the man lost, and grateful the woman and dogs were okay and it wasn’t worse.

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